Anxiety đi với giới từ gì trong tiếng Anh? –

Anxiety đi với giới từ gì trong tiếng Anh? –

Anxious đi với giới từ gì

Anxiety đi với giới từ gì trong tiếng Anh? Để hiểu hơn về ý nghĩa, ngữ pháp cũng như cách sử dụng “Anxiety” trong Tiếng Anh như thế nào, hãy cùng tìm hiểu chi tiết ngay trong bài viết dưới đây.

Anxiety đi với giới từ gì trong tiếng Anh?
Anxiety đi với giới từ gì trong tiếng Anh?

Anxiety nghĩa là gì?

ANXIETY là danh từ phái sinh từ tính từ ANXIOUS, có nghĩa là ‘lo lắng, lo âu.’

anxiety /æɳ’zaiəti/

  • danh từ
    • mối lo, mối lo âu, mối băn khoăn; sự lo lắng
      • to be in a state of mortal anxiety: lo chết đi được
    • lòng ước ao, lòng khao khát; sự khắc khoải
      • to have an anxiety for something: ước ao cái gì
      • to have an anxiety to do something: ước ao làm gì
anxiety synonyms
Anxiety synonyms

Anxiety đi với giới từ gì trong tiếng Anh?

Anxiety about: Lo lắng về

her growing anxiety about her health

sự lo lắng ngày càng tăng của cô ấy về sức khỏe của cô ấy

Anxiety at

anxiety at the deterioration of relations between the powers

lo lắng trước sự xấu đi của quan hệ giữa các cường quốc

Anxiety for: Lo lắng cho

deep anxiety for the whole family.

nỗi lo lắng sâu sắc cho cả gia đình.

Anxiety over

There are anxieties over the effects of unemployment.

Có những nỗi lo lắng về ảnh hưởng của thất nghiệp.

Anxiety + to infinitive: sự háo hức để làm điều gì đó:

eagerness to do something: Peter’s leaving at the end of this week – hence his anxiety to get his work finished.

Peter sẽ rời đi vào cuối tuần này – do đó anh ấy rất háo hức để hoàn thành công việc của mình.

Ví dụ về giới từ theo sau Anxiety

It gives elasticity and buoyancy to the mind depressed by continued toil, or the cares and anxieties of business, and makes the blood course through the veins with renewed vigor and recuperated vitality.

This ceaseless and sordid anxiety for bread cuts me out of my world-life, my world-toil.

Now that I had seen an instance of the strength the creatures possessed, I felt considerable anxiety about the windows on the ground floorin spite of the fact that they were so strongly barred.

Good-bye, dear.’ * * * * * As soon as Bruce had gone out Edith rang up the elder Mrs Ottley on the telephone, and relieved her anxiety in advance.

“There is no particular cause for anxiety on your part,” Kelson said reassuringly.

Gunpowder and steel, and the manifold weapons, instruments, and means of destruction in the hands of the enemy are commonly considered as the principal, if not the only sources of danger to the soldier, and ground of anxiety to his friends; and the nation reckons its losses in war by the number of those who were wounded and killed in battle.

I believed his anxiety as to the outcome of this mad venture was so great that he did not dare indulge in conversation, and because of such idea was I even more cast down in spirit.

She endeavoured to appear surprised, but her sudden pallor betrayed her inward anxiety at the question. III Ye who have loved, et cetera, as aforesaid, will comprehend the anxiety with which Otto henceforth consulted his ring.

Mrs. Holymead’s return to her home in Princes Gate was awaited with feverish anxiety by one of the inmates. Such anxiety from Harry was a mystery.

These doubts were solved several years ago, and now there is no longer any difficulty or anxiety over “true time,” “new time,” “legal time,” in relation to matters ecclesiastical.

I should have remembered that you had other causes for anxiety than the one weighing on our minds. Respecting the grief and anxiety into which the family were plunged, the midshipmen kept apart from them all the afternoon, only joining them at the evening meal at six o’clock.

If she had any moment of supreme anxiety during the War, it was in the spring and summer of 1917 during the terrible threat of the destruction of her shipping by submarines and the inability of construction to keep pace with it.

At this solemn moment of the struggle a last glimmer of Justice and of Right still flickered, and military honesty recoiled with a sort of dread anxiety before the outrage upon which they were entering.

His anxiety under these circumstances must have been great.

Perhaps, after all, the wisest way was to grant her request and make light of it, easing her anxiety without too much encouraging its cause.

The same defiant note; but there was anxiety behind the cold pretence.

These were a source of alarm and anxiety among the people, and they were constantly on the watch to defend their property and themselves, as best they could.

I know not whether she noticed this awakening admiration, but she certainly played her part with quiet modesty, speaking just enough to entertain, and hiding the deep anxiety against which she struggled.

But precisely as Grace increased in her own faith, so did her anxiety after the welfare of her husband receive new excitement; and John, for the first time, became the cause of sorrow to his affectionate companion.

Edna Ferber (A); 2Oct63; R323002. Reign of armed Spanish populace causes anxiety across frontier.

But she desperately wanted enough money to carry her without anxiety through the coming year.

As her popularity procured her various little fees from the visitors, on which her patroness never demanded any toll, and as her grandfather too was well-treated and useful, Nell had no cause for anxiety until one holiday evening, when they went out together for a walk.

As for Leslie, she liked well enough, as we know, to look pretty; it was, or had been, till other thoughts of late had begun to “crowd it out,” something like a besetting weakness; she had only latelyto tell the whole truth as it seldom is toldbegun to be ashamed, before her higher self, to turn, the first thing in the morning, with a certain half-mechanical anxiety toward her glass, to see how she was looking.

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