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100 idioms thành ngữ tiếng anh thường xuất hiện trong các đề thi [P2]

Jump the traffic lights là gì

51. sleep on it: suy nghĩ thêm về điều gì đó.ex:-> You don’t have to give me your decision now. sleep and let me know tomorrow.

52. fight with teeth and claws/nails: đánh nhau dữ dội, cấu xé nhauex:-> we fight tooth and nail to keep our share of the business.

53. play tricks/jokes on: chọc phá, trêu ghẹo, chơi khăm.

eg:-> children always play pranks on their teachers.

54. down the drain: đổ song đổ biển (công sức, tiền bạc) ex:-> it’s just money down the drain.

55. smell a rat: hoài nghi, linh cảm chuyện không ổnex:-> the moment i walked in i smelled a rat.

56. the last straw: giọt nước tràn lyex:-> when he was late for the third time, that was the last straw. we had to fire her.

57. get the hand of something: nắm bắt được, sử dụng đượcex:-> after three weeks of using this computer, i think i finally got it.

58. difficulty hearing: lãng tai, nặng taiex:-> Tom has hearing problems. therefore, we have to speak out loud so that he can hear us.

59. watch: coi chừng, ngó chừngex:-> please keep an eye on my baby while I’m away for a while.

60. have a bee in the hat (about something): đặt nặng chuyện gì, chấp nhất chuyện gìex:-> She’s got a bee in her hood about going to America.

61. have/have cold feet: mất hết can đảm, chùn bướcex:-> I’m worried that my members on this page are chickening out because of the college entrance exam. therefore, I will do my best to help you pass this severe test. ^o^ *tặng các fans*

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62. on second thought: suy nghĩ kĩex:-> On second thought, it was a silly movie.

63. in vain: uổng công, vô íchex:-> government agents tried in vain to kidnap him.

64. chip in: khuyên gop, gop tiềnex:-> if everyone contributes, we can buy him a nice gift.

65. off head: điên, loạn triéx:-> the old man has been insane for at least a year.

66. run an errand: làm việc vặtex:-> I have to run an errand. I’ll be back in a minute.

67. jump traffic lights: vượt đèn đỏex:-> they ignore people who run red lights.

68. fly out of handle: dễ nổi giận, phát cáuex:-> no one will lose control for no reason.

69. the apple of the eye: đồ quý giá của aiex:-> you are the apple of my eye ^o^

70. bucket down: mưa xối xả, mưa toex:-> it’s been falling all day.

71. close shave = narrow escape: thoát chết trong gang tấcex:-> ugh, that was a close shave. I was very lucky.

72. drop a brick : lỡ lời, lỡ miệngex:-> I dropped a brick while talking to my best friend and now she won’t talk to me.

73. have butterflies in the stomach: cảm thấy bồn chồnex:-> I always get butterflies when it comes to taking the test

74. unofficially: không chính thức, không được công bốex:-> what the president said should not be published. it’s unofficial

75. the cup of tea: thứ mà ta thíchex:-> snsd is my cup of tea. they are so beautiful and talented. especially seohyun, she looks so cute

76. cut it nicely: đến sát giờex:-> allowing just half an hour to get from the station to the airport is enough, isn’t it?

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77. golden handshake: món tiền hậu hĩnh dành cho người sắp nghỉ việcex:-> The manager took early retirement and received a $600,000 gold salute when the company was restructured.

78. act: giả bộ, làm bộex:-> we know you’re a good swimmer, stop pretending.

79. come to light: được biết đến, được phát hiện, được đưa ra ánh sáng.ex:-> four soldiers have faced charges since the scandal broke last fall

80. take things apart: tháo ra từng mảnhex:-> men like to take things apart and put them back together.

81. put your foot in it: gây nhầm lẫn, bối rối, phạm một sai lầm gây bối rốiex:-> I really put my foot in it when I asked him about his work. she didn’t know she had just been fired.

82. pull one’s own weight: nỗ lực, làm tròn trách nhiệmex:-> the rest of the team complained that sarah wasn’t doing his part.

83. make ends meet: xoay sở để kiếm sốngex:-> I have to work two jobs to make ends meet.

84. grab the wrong end of the stick: hiểu nhầm ai đóex:-> I think I should explain that he grabbed the wrong end of the stick again.

85. cut and dried: cuối cùng, không thể thay đổi, rõ ràng, dễ hiểuex:-> although an agreement has been reached, it is still unclear. ex:-> the issue of human rights is by no means simple.

86. stay/stand on tiptoe: cảnh giác, thận trọngex:-> we’d better stay alert as we walk through the dark parts of this street.

87. agree: đồng tìnhex:-> I’m glad you agree on the location of the conference.

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88. note: đang suy tính, cân nhắcex:-> I don’t want to watch a movie right now, I have in mind to go to the park.

89. a lost cause: hết hy vọng, không thay đổi được gìex:-> It seems that Charles will give up. I guess it’s a lost cause.

90. be bound to: chắc chắnex:-> I’m sure you’ll be late if you don’t hurry.

91. deep down: thực chất, cơ bản (basically, fundamentally) ex:-> James seems rather unsympathetic at times, but deep down he’s a good person.

92. know by sight: nhận ra (recognize)ex:-> the woman said that she would recognize the thief by sight if she saw him again.

93. from time to time = from time to time = sometimes = from time to time = from time to time = from time to time = once in a while: sometimes (thỉnh thoảng, không thường xuyên)

94. strive: làm việc cẩn thận và tận tâmex:-> he strives to do everything right.

95. do: xoay sở, đương đầu (manage, cope) ex:-> during tough economic times, many people have to make do with less.

96. close call = close shave = narrow escape: thoát được nguy hiểm trong gang tấc, mém chết!

97. selling someone short: đánh giá thấp

98. face music: chịu trậnex:-> Mary broke a dining room window and had to face the music when her father came home.

99. let the cat out of the bag: reveal a secret or a surprise by accident ( để lộ bí mật)ex:-> it’s a secret. try to keep the cat from getting out of the bag.

100. on probation: trong thời gian quản chếex:-> While Anne was on probation, she reported to the police regularly.

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